Jenni's Story

Jenni's Story,

Jenni is a mother of three grown children and has been married for over 25 years. She has dedicated her life to the restaurant business until March of 2020 when the pandemic hit, forcing the restaurant to close. What did she do? Jenni knew how to sew and started making as many face masks as she could for family, friends, and the community. The demand rapidly grew, so she asked her three children Conor, Riley, and Elle O’Brien to help! That is when “Jenni’s Masks” by CREO Creations was born. CREO is the initial of all three children and the O for O’Brien. CREO also means “believe” in Spanish and “create” in Latin.

CREO’s mission is to create and believe that anything is possible. Create what you love and find your passion in life. Ten months later, CREO has expanded its product line to other handmade accessories and partnering with other small businesses.

CREO has also started repurposing fabric, due to how much fabric was wasted while making masks and other items Jenni could not stand to see the waste.  That is when our repurposed scrunchies collection was born.  CREO not only uses scrap fabric for repurposing we also repurpose clothing that is no longer good to wear.  If you have any material or clothing that is going to waste please donate to CREO Creations and we will find a way to repurpose into a beautiful item.  Let's help save our landfills and our environment.

Thank you for supporting CREO Creations.  

Many Blessings, love the CREO family